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DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards Program

What is the DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards Program?

Q. What is the DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards Program?

A. The DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards program is our way of saying "Thank You for being our customer" You will earn 5% toward a future purchase at DURHAMS TACKLE

Q. How do I earn Rewards points?

A. Once you have signed up for the DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards program, you will automatically earn points on orders placed.

Q. When should I receive my DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards welcome packet?

A. Once you have registered for DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards, you should receive your card and welcome packet in 2-3 weeks.

Q. How many points will I earn with my purchase?

A. The amount of points earned will vary based on the item(s) purchased. A certain percentage of the purchase will be added to your DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards account, as seen below:

1 point per dollar @ 5 cents per point = 5%

Example: $100 purchase = 100 points x $.05 = $5.00 toward a future purchase

Q. Will I earn rewards points when I redeem my DURHAMS TACKLE gift card as a method of payment?

A. Points are earned on qualifying merchandise only. Payments made by gift cards will be deducted from the merchandise total before points are accumulated. The purchaser of the gift card you are redeeming earned the DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards points.

Q. When can I redeem my DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards points?

A. You may use your DURHAMS TACKLE Rewards points for purchases made online at any time visit 

Q. Great! How do I sign up?

A. By creating a Durhams Tackle Rewards Account here.